StART Young

StART Young is a free summer performing arts program in Washington Heights. It consists of two two-week sessions, one for 25 students in grades 3 - 6 and one for 25 students in grades 7 - 11. Students learn how to sing, dance, and act under the guidance of trained teaching artists, and are given the opportunity to develop their own scripts around issues that matter to them. Past script topics include family incarceration, coming out, and immigration. Each session culminates in a final performance, designed entirely by the students, that is free and open to the public. When they graduate from StART Young, many students go on to participate in StART Dreaming.

Applications are Open for StART Young

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What Parents Say

“My son told me he loves this program because everyone is so friendly and he shares with the other children. He says he doesn’t feel judged and is free to be himself. My son has been bullied in his school and was mocked for his creativity and his energy - making him feel less confident. This program has helped his creativity blossom, his self confidence grown and of course make friends.”


I learned to have confidence in what I do and to sing and dance better!
— 2016 start young Student, grades 3-6
I love the fact that the program gives kids a voice and an opportunity to think about social issues beyond their own circle.
— 2018 start young Parent

Singing was hard for me because I am not the best singer in the bunch. But I was doing my best and I’m proud to say that my singing was definitely improved.
— 2017 start young Student, grades 7-11
I love the work Statement Arts [StART Young] has been doing with the children. My son loves the program. Every day he got up and got ready, happy and looking forward to the activities of the day and to seeing his teachers.
— 2018 start young Parent

This video was created by the students in our StART Works Doc team.