SAT Prep Class - open to StARt Students, Alums, and Friends through StART Access

SAT Prep Class - open to StARt Students, Alums, and Friends through StART Access

StART Access

In 2018, Statement Arts began to think critically about how it could reach more at-promise young people throughout New York City. In response, StART Access was born, which has already welcomed 45 new students. StART Access brings this growing group of new students together with current StART Dreaming students and alumni to create an even broader community. All StART Access programming is free and consists of an array of cultural, college preparatory, and life skills-building activities including SAT prep classes, financial literacy classes, acting and vocal master classes, and the StART Speaker Series which brings professional artists in monthly to speak to students about their careers in the arts.

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What Our Speakers Say

“Today I had the pleasure of being surrounded by the beautiful energy of this group of vibrant artistic souls that are being given a voice by Statement Arts. My role as key speaker was give guidance and inspiration, but truth is, it was a two way street and I was just as inspired by the honest and open dialogue we had. Thanks for this important work!”


Investing in our future is and continues to be one of my greatest and most rewarding responsibilities. Thankful to these young, brave artists who by simply stepping forward into their light and onto their journey have given more to me than they can ever imagine.
— JW Cortes, Actor in "gotham"
I’ve met these kids and they’re extraordinary. If you got the Hamiltons, consider throwing ‘em this way!
— Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and actor in "hamilton"