StART Dreaming

StART Dreaming is a free yearlong program that immerses 15 - 20 rising high school seniors in arts education to which they do not have access, and helps them get into college. After a three-week summer arts intensive, the program tracks students through their senior year of high school, offering them ongoing cultural immersion opportunities and the support they need to get into college. This portion of the program includes a partnership with Morgan Stanley, through which each student is paired with an individual mentor who helps them submit their college applications. StART Dreaming has maintained a 100% success rate in college admissions for all of its high school graduates, and most students receive substantial scholarships.

Applications are Open for StART Dreaming

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What Our Students Say

“I really loved the program. It changed my life, and I truly think that it made me such a better performer. It made me feel like I belonged somewhere, and I will forever be thankful to have people like the Statement Arts staff mentor me.”

- 2018 StART Dreaming Student

I really loved everything in the program, but I enjoyed working with my mentors and peers the most. They helped me believe in myself and pushed my talent to the next level.
— 2016 StART Dreaming Student
This program helped me reach past all my previous expectation about myself, and the way I live and gave me new tools to be a better me.
— 2018 StART Dreaming Student

This was an amazing experience. It made me gain a lot of motivation in what I want to do with my life. This program made me feel like I always have a shoulder to lean on.
— 2018 StART Dreaming Student
The program helped me have confidence in myself, a better self esteem, better skills as a performer, and gave me hope. The teachers from Statement Arts taught me so much, inspired me and helped me to prepare for college and life.
— 2016 StART Dreaming Student

This video was created by the students of StART Works doc team.