Statement Arts is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the creative visual & performing arts to underserved and/or low-income individuals. We channel creativity to educate, to enhance intellectual performance, to empower and guide, and to build self-esteem. Statement Arts is committed to giving our students an intercultural and interdisciplinary arts experience to which they do not have access. Statement Arts believes in the power of art to inspire social, cultural, and environmental education to further a legacy of responsible global citizenship.


Statement Arts was conceived at the High School of Environmental Studies (HSES), an underserved public high school in New York City's Hell's Kitchen in 2003. Inspiration for our current youth programming: The College Prep Program and Empower Youth, stemmed from the success of our work at HSES. In 2010, we left the New York City public school system to help level the academic playing field for disenfranchised kids through the exploration of their artistic talents. We reach young people at the most critical time in their development.  We encourage them to believe in themselves, and are there with the practical resources to help them to achieve their goals.  Our alumni network extends the positive support, offering guidance and encouragement as our students navigate their college years. 


Liza Politi, Founder & Artistic Director

Madison McCullough, Executive Director

Zahaira Curiel, Project Director & Board Secretary

Danielle Hernandez, Program Coordinator & Graphic Designer

Caroline Selia, Vocal Coach

Aidan Wynn Davis, Music Director


Keith Petrus, Board President, Morgan Stanley

Matt DeCrosta, Morgan Stanley

Ashley Garrett, Ashley Garrett Photography

Alexis Tener Petrus, Tener Petrus Associates, PLLC

Joyce Mathisen, Statement Arts



Cordelia Roosevelt, Founding Board Member

Nicola Kinsella, Founding Board Member

Sarah Hamilton, Founding Board Member

Georgia DeFalco, Founding Board Member

Sheila Foster, Professor, Georgetown University

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